Due to the in-depth and confidential nature of our client relationships, the VASS® Competitive Edge Workshops are considered by our Clients to be their "secret weapon" and the products of our workshops are their proprietary information. We often sign non-disclosure agreements. Because of that, we do not attribute the statements below by name or organization (our customary approach) nor do we publish our blue-chip client list.

"Vass paid for itself three times over within five business days. I tripled my income."
"Over $300,000 in new engagements was developed in the first 100 days following the workshop. By year-end I was able to reach 200% of my plan for a banner year. I attribute this directly to what I learned there."
"Just closed the biggest deal of my career. I’ll take home $3.6 million and owe a lot of that success to Vass."
"I used your words and closed the deal on the spot! $70,000! (Our average deal is worth $8,200.)"
"I earned the largest commission of my career, an amount in excess of $400,000."
"…two fantastic days. We made several million dollars the next day!"
"Thanks for making me rich."
"…Yoda—with attitude…"
"Using this as a management tool, we redesigned our marketing message and grew our business from $45 million to $500 million in five years."