VASS Training Courses

VASS Executive Sales Training® - 3 days

Target audience: 12-18 participants, Customized for executive-level salespeople and their selling and marketing-team partners.

What you may expect: For companies willing to set aside conventional wisdom and traditional, low-level skills, an overall increase in company sales of 25% to 100% and a five to ten times return on the total training investment within ninety days. This is an intensive 3 day workshop that retrains experienced salespeople to persuade at the management level. This program retrains executive salespeople and sales newcomers to:

  • translate their expertise into a compelling client message
  • separate and differentiate themselves from the competition
  • sell at the executive level
  • defend their asking price
  • protect the profit in each transaction
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VASS Tactical Workshops - Executing The Sales Strategy – ½, 1 or 1½ days

Target audience: Selling team members who have client contact and are involved in the selling process. It may include sales and support staff, senior managers, marketing, technical support, proposal writers, administrative assistants, and others.

What you may expect: Teaches participants the VASS methodology so they understand what to do—and more importantly, what not to do — when making an executive-level call. Reduce client attrition, identify new business before it goes out to bid, and ease communications among all levels of sales and support staff.

These are fast moving, fully customized, interactive workshops designed to teach, through participant exercises. The key tactics of VASS SoftSell™ — the anti-pitch — focus on how clients see and hear your business story. The longer sessions allow your team to practice their new-found skills on real-time revenue-generating opportunities before going live. Each participant prepares the tactics for a targeted “next sale” account to role-play and troubleshoot before making the real call. (prework required). The ½ day session is primarily designed for company meetings and kickoffs.

Clients report a 12%-25% increase in sales revenue when using these skills.