VASS Executive Sales Training®
retrains companies to sell at the executive level and increase sales revenues
25% to 100%.

Major budget approvals occur at the executive level and require a business-oriented, results-driven solution rather than a technical, process-oriented pitch. A different approach is required to sell at the CEO-CFO-COO and boardroom level; it requires different preparation, presentation, and tactics. Business strategies often fail because of the embarrassingly inept pitches professionals make to executive-level buyers.

Since 1975, VASS® has specialized in only one subject: how to persuade at the executive level—how to sell your services as a solution to high-level business problems. We exist only to create a profit for our clients.

VASS® training isn't for everyone. Our market is the audacious 5%, those maverick managers willing to set aside conventional wisdom in order to move their organization to a higher level of selling performance. Contact us for more information.